viaDoc provides solutions and services for content-driven Scandinavian organisations. We add value by offering a global approach to data and document management so you can increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance the end-customers experience.

Our long term commitments to leading clients in financial services and lasting partnerships with chosen solution providers have enabled us to develop both in-depth knowledge of business processes and acknowledged expertise in the following areas:

  • Data capture, transformation, transportation and presentation
  • Customer communication management software
  • Content management and archiving solutions
  • Print stream engineering tools

This has been and will remain the foundation of our demonstrable track record.

Looking for consultants to help you leverage high volumes of critical information, automate data repurposing and streamline highly personalised document creation, production and multi-channel distribution processes?

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Gamle Solbergveien 1 B
1337 Sandvika

Tel: (+47) 45 07 06 46

Fax: (+47) 21 55 75 42


Our Partners

EMC Document Sciences

EMC Document Sciences is a market-leading global provider of customer communications management solutions.


Xenos is a leading global provider of high-performance data and document management solutions.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software is the world’s leading provider of mailstream software.

Business Documents AS

BizDoc represents Xerox AS in Norway and is responsible for sales and marketing of high volume printing and specialized applications.